Jing Music of Nearly 600 Years


There are so many things changing so fast in our life, but some are simply not. The nearly 600 years Jing Music at Zhihua Temple in Beijing is one of the things that stay.

Originated from the Ming Imperial Court and introduced to Zhihua Temple in 1444, Jing music has remained as it was nearly 600 years ago!

The Beijing Way Experience is proud to present to you one of the three precious records of Jing Music tunes, recorded respectively in 1991, 2003, 2017. Great thanks go to our friend Wang Hui, one of the 27th generation musicians.

*Qingjiangyin, recorded in 1991, performed by Monk musicians of the 25th and 26th generation.


Throughout all those years, Jing Music has been carried on from generation to generation by Monk musicians. It touched my heart.

Good news, there will be a once in a year opportunity to listen to live Jing Music and a variety of ancient Chinese music on June 8, 9, 10 at Zhihua Temple Musical Festival.

Tickets are free of charge. Reservations by phone call at 6525 3670. Seats are available but running out fast!


Concerts Hours  Seats
June 8 1st 19:30 Fully booked
June 9 2nd 9:30 Available
3rd 14:00 Available
4th 19:30 Fully booked
June 10 5th 9:30 Available
6th 14:00 Available


I will bring my two girls to the 5th concert on June 10. Hope to see you there!


* Note: Record of Jing Music tune in 1991 is provided by the Beijing Museum for Cultural Heritage Exchanges.

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