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Dear Beijing Way friends and All,

I hope this message finds you and your family well, no matter where you are now, in Beijing or your home country. It has been a very difficult time. We may not be able to avoid difficult situations but we could always choose how to respond to challenging situations.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has played a very important role in dealing with COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) in China. My good friend Zhao Qing and I have volunteered in a project “Learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Beijing Way” to share what we know about Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural ways of healing regularly at the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic. We hope you will find it helpful in some way. We will post messages in wechat group, wechat public account and our website: www.thebeijingway.com

Today we will start from an overall introduction about Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Lung meridian.

the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor
the Twelve Major Meridians of the Body

Overall Introduction:

① The human body has 12 meridians and there are 12 months in a year.  

② The human body has 24 vertebrae in the back and there are 24 solar terms in a year.

③ Meridians: Decide about life and death; illnesses occur in the human body as the meridians are not running well; illnesses get healed because of the functioning of the meridians.

④ The human body has eight extra meridians (pre birth)

12 meridians (after birth)

⑤12 meridians:

Lung, Large intestine, Stomach, Spleen,  Heart, Small intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Pericardium, Triple Energizer, Gallbladder, Liver.

All illnesses result from Qi, all illnesses originate from Blood! Qi and Blood circulate in the meridians, if the meridians are running smoothly, all illnesses will not come!

The Lung Meridian: The beginning meridian of the 12 meridians; it controls Energy and Breath.

the Eleven Acupoints in the Lung Meridian

There are altogether 11 acupoints from the chest to the hand.

Among them, 8 acupoints are commonly used for acupuncture, moxibustion and massage:

Front-mu point

Luo-connecting point

Xi-cleft point

Well point

Ying-spring point,

Transport point

River point 

He-sea point 

It mainly regulates:

Respiratory, immune system;

Sensitivity, rhinitis, skin;

Cold, body heat, sweating;

Dryness, excessive phlegm, sore throat, etc.

It works very well to dredge the Lung meridian by patting the meridian.


Let’s try doing the following rather than panicking about the epidemic situation.
Every morning, when you wake up:
1. Click the teeth 36 times
2. Twist your wrists 36 times and your ankles 36 times
3. Rub your belly 36 times
4. Stretch yourself 36 times
5. Get up and have a cup of warm water
6. Practice Baduanjin or Yijinjing
7. Pat the meridians
8. Do reading and have a chat
9. Bask in the Sun, just do nothing for a while

(To be continued…)

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