The Moments


Life is made up of moments, the moment of listening to the pigeons whistling in the blue sky sitting in a sway chair, completing a piece of art work by your hands, savoring Mom-made food, laughing loud with your kids, the moment of a very familiar but long gone story, and many many more… The Beijing Way Experience is sharing with you all those heart-touching moments in Beijing.



China’s First Securities Exchange

China’s first Securities Exchange founded by the Chinese people in 1918, is now a local residence shared by quite a few families. When we entered the building, sunlight beaming through the windows, it felt like a sacred place, a church, perhaps. Suddenly an Ayi who was cooking in the public kitchen on the first floor lobby, looked up and gave us a shout, “Your guys scared the shit out of me!” Then she continued with her cooking as if nothing had happened.



Dust in the air. The past glory, fortune, prosperity… and everything has turned into dust.



Ma Yinglong Pharmacy

It was such a coincidence to meet the third generation of the Ma Yinglong family who were known for a famous eye medicine in China since the early 20th century. I personally approached Mr. Ma and thanked him for his family’s eye medicine who helped to heal my daughter’s eye disease faster just a few months ago. By looking into the history, I found it interesting that one of the founders of the Gest Library at the Princeton Universty, Guion Moore Gest, also used the Ma Ying long eye medicine in the 1920’s while in Beijing. It gave him some temporary relief. In response, Gest started to collect Chinese works on the treatment of eye diseases, and medical books in general. It was this collection which formed the beginning of the Gest Library.



*Special thanks go to Sweetheart Grandpa for the wonderful photos!*

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