The Beijing Way Experience is proud to release the new Heart-warming Tea and Mindfulness Experience!

In the past few years, I have studied and practiced Tea and Chan with a Chan Master and received a specialized training on Tea Ceremony at Zhaozhou Tea House. In the most difficult times of my life, it is Tea that enlightens me, warms my heart and gives me a boost to life. I sincerely hope to share this magical natural herbal plant with friends from all over the world. Tea is soothing, healing, and powerful and it helps us to lead to mindfulness in everyday life.

We Love Your Smile in Tears!


I would love to share with you a beautiful message sent by Laura. “Thank you for today. And for sharing something very special. Sorry if my emotions were strong, I am an emotional person. Thank you for being so understanding. If you ever need to reach out- for anything- please do. The sisterhood reaches far away places over the world. Forever in our hearts. Like today. Big love.” We all have experienced some hardships in life. It is love that eventually helps us going through the darkest days. Keep going Laura! Keep going myself! Keep going all the Sisters around the World.

Everyone can be a Star!

We had such a lovely and fun family gathering at the Smallest Hidden Hutong Museum! I never thought my Mom and Dad and Auntie and Uncle-in-law have such a talent! :)) Everyone can be a star!

Listen to what Jessica said about Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage & Wisdom

Thank you so much Jessica and Rick. It is lovely seeing you two taking notes for each other while Zhao Qing feels the pulse and gives advice on improving health. The Beijing Way Experience is a small project with a big dream. We want to make the world a little better place while making ourselves a little better persons. I am so happy we are fulfilling it now!