Some reviews about us from our Beijing Way Experience Friends

“The only word I can think of to describe how I felt after is blissful.”

Reviewed by Upivot at TripAdvisor



“Thank you for helping me see your fascinating city and country not only with my eyes but above all with my heart.”

Reviewed by Anita Sandiford by personal letter

“Highly, highly recommend!”

Reviewed by Sue Lee at Airbnb

Highly, highly recommend! Yuhua is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful with flawless communication skills. In addition to the interesting learning session on TCM from Zhao Qing and great massage treatment (after walking 10 miles each day we were pretty tired but after the massage walking felt so easy), my family really enjoyed learning about the old Beijing and hearing all the fun little stories Yuhua shared with us about Beijing. Both Yuhua and Zhao Qing were extremely knowledgeable and sincere, and we felt that they treated us wholeheartedly. While this was a bit pricey at ~$90/person, it was completely worth it!

Visited November 2018

“The Smallest Hidden Hutong Museum”

Reviewed by GemmaK361 on TripAdvisor

 This was a magical experience from beginning to end! Yuhua’s incredible knowledge and passion for Beijing history is apparent from the moment of meeting. A historic map and a detailed explanation of all the city features kicks off the day before an informative walk through the hutong area of Golou. What’s so lovely is the genuine love Yuhua clearly has for this history, she is so happy to share the culture and to answer as many questions as you can throw at her with insight, passion and humour along the way.Arriving at the smallest hidden hutong museum is like stepping into a treasure trove, Packed to the rafters with ancient chinese antiques, it’s a feast for the senses. I couldn’t help but feel like a child again surrounded by such a kaleidoscope of goodies. And the highlight is Mr Wang himself, who is the friendliest and most welcoming director of the museum. We were served hot tea on arrival & presented with an amazing array of old objects to explore, handle and guess their original use (which is a really fun game!) I learnt so much about the Beijing peoples way of life. Having lived in Beijing for nearly 2 years this was particularly fascinating to me; never would I have known so much if it weren’t for Yuhua and Mr Wang on this fantastic tour. Yuhua also provided a wonderful paint rolling/print experience on rice paper at the museum which I was able to take home – such a great souvenir! And after sharing some traditional Beijing sweets with us, we then had the chance to dress up in traditional chinese clothes & perform hilarious role play with Mr Wang, who is full of charisma and warmth. And just when I thought the experience couldn’t get any more fantastic, Yuhua presented us with a gift of The Beijing Way tea box to take home.This is a truly intimate, thoughtful and informative experience, in addition to being so much fun. Yuhua makes you feel so welcome and relaxed, her warmth of personality and love for the history of Beijing is contagious. I will recommend The Beijing Way to everyone I know – it really is a special experience and one not to be missed! Thank you so much to Yuhua – she truly is the best!

Visited November 2018

“Beijing Way, Smallest Hidden Hutong Museum”

by Excursion28765501686 on TripAdvisor 

Yuhua is knowledgeable and passionate about her community and its history. This tour consisted of a short guided walk through a hutong ( traditional neighbourhood) and a visit to a tiny museum, created by the local community and hosted by the charming Mr. Lawanga. He showed us various objects of traditional everyday life ( mostly object from within the last century, but similar to those used for many centuries), explained their purpose, and graciously answered every question, sometimes with amusing personal anecdotes. The more you ask, the more you learn. We also had the opportunity to make a small “artwork” using a somewhat traditional technique. The whole experience is about 4 hours, for 600 yuan. I have not taken her other Beijing Way tour, which would be more interesting for someone mainly interested in the large-scale history of Beijing and how it is reflected in the architecture we can see. But for me, the tiny hutong museum experience was just right, a friendly and fascinating glimpse into the old-time everyday life of ordinary people. Yuhua was also very kind in providing me with a lot of useful information for my days of independent sightseeing in Beijing, and also arranged a good personal driver who took me to visit the Great Wall at Mutianyu on a schedule of my own choosing ( and with no unwanted side trips to shopping etc, which are hard to avoid if you take group bus tours.)

Visited November 2018

Historic hutong & Beijing architecture tour

by Ambassador507636 on TripAdvisor

Bi led us on a wonderful journey to discover old & new Beijing. We started at an old Prince’s residence where we learned about imperial life, Beijing gates, temple design, town planning through the stories of a photographer & an old Beijing family whose courtyard house we visited. We learned about the impact of the cultural revolution on everyday people. Our tour finished with lunch at a local community restaurant where Bi was able to explain everything we were eating! Bi is a wonderful guide full of knowledge & energy. She has excellent English. If you do one tour do this one! Do it early in your stay so you know what you are looking at. Great for small groups including families with teenagers.

Visited September 2018

It was a beautiful and inspirational experience

by Sabine at Airbnb


The Beijing Way experience was a great way to learn more about the Beijing Hutongs, residential areas with narrow alleys, densely populated to this day. We first visited a local grocery store which opened in the 1950s and still features some of the original posters on the walls. The store offers a variety of local products, including pickled vegetables and the famous white bean and sesame sauces. Subsequently we visited the smallest hidden museum which features a collection of daily life objects related to drinking, eating, cooking, dressing, and daily work of Chinese people. Mr. Wang shared a wealth of knowledge about daily life in the hutong and many stories related to the museum objects. It was a beautiful and inspirational experience and I would highly recommend it.

Visited August 2018

“I would definitely recommend this experience!”

by Nina at Airbnb


It was a really lovely evening! I got to know a lot about the history of Beijing and the different aspects of TCM. There was also also a nice arrangement of dumplings, fruits and tea. After I also tried a treatment of TCM for the first time which was really relaxing and interesting! I was also advised about specific measures to take for my well-being based on the individual estimation. I would definitely recommend this experience!

Visited August 2018

“The Beijing Way experience was truly fantastic!”

by Sabine at Airbnb

The Beijing Way experience was truly fantastic! Yuhua was a great host, very knowledgeable about cultural heritage and city design. She shared many interesting insights about the old Beijing (showing a beautiful historical map of the city) with its symmetries and functions of the city gates. At the health spa, Yuhua’s friend Zhao Qing offered invaluable insights into Traditional Chinese Medicine and its applications for our daily life. During a delicious healthy meal Zhao Qing shared her intricate knowledge about the TCM, which was followed by an assessment of the body constitution and high-quality treatment. I learned a lot and appreciated the hospitality and friendliness of my hosts. This was a unique experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Visited July 2018

 “Overall a great experience”                                 

by Austin at Airbnb

Overall a great experience. Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. A massage and some tea were also much needed after all of my traveling. I felt so much better and relaxed after this experience!

 Visited July 2018

“Highly recommended for a different / local take on Beijing”

by mayald on TripAdvisor

My Mum and I were in Beijing for 3 days and had both been previously and were looking for something a little different. So pleased we found and used Beijing Way. Yuhua is absolutely lovely, so helpful and kind and sch a fountain of knowledge…. More

Visited February 2018

“Behind the scenes Chinese culture customized experience – MUST DO!”

by Rapunzelgirl  on TripAdvisor

On the last day of an extensive holiday in China, I participated in three experiences – Ceramics Experience, Old Beijing Grassworks Talk Show and Health & Wisdom Experience. Of all the tours I took across China these were the BEST! The Beijing Way experience is NOT the ordinary tour showing you the typical attractions, it is a behind the scenes boutique customized experience. This is an opportunity to learn and appreciate the Chinese culture of yesterday and today in a unique, personal and fun way ……  More 

Visited November 2017

“Amazing service, highly recommended.”

by Mali from Beijing, China

We had a great experience all around. We visited in a very special courtyard house museum in the Hutong. We had an interesting lecture about the exhibits. In the end we also ate excellent dumplings that Yuhua’s mother prepared for us. Amazing service, highly recommended.

Visited November, 2017

“For those who’d like to visit a Beijing off the beaten tracks, don’t hesitate.”

by Matt W. from Beijing, China

For those who’d like to visit a Beijing off the beaten tracks, don’t hesitate. The tour, led by the lovely Yuhua, passionate about heritage and real people, will lead you to discover secret courtyards, private museums, local snacks and people fond of their lives in the hutongs.

 Visited July 2017

 “some different impressions about Beijing”

bySiwen B  on TripAdvisor

It was nice to discover the hidden part of Beijing, making this dirty noisy city a lot more charming.. We visited a courtyard house where lives a grandpa basically from the ancient time… His family had connection with the big historical characters and they have been through the war and revolutions etc (he could probably tell the story in a more linear way so it would make more sense to the tourists). The house was very well preserved and peaceful with breeze and flowers and pets and pigeons… The other two private museums were very interesting as well. For me personally I got to see these people who chose to follow their passion and live their lives in their own ways. That was very inspiring.
 Visited July 2016

“Great Beijingway Program”

by piaoxuesong  on TripAdvisor

Beijing Way Program is a great program founded by Yuhua, both foreigners and local Chinese van experience a lot from it. We learned different things from different time by different people and get to hear a lot of exclusive stories. Enjoyed this program a lot.

Visited July 2016

“An excellent expirence”

by 235myxu  on TripAdvisor

I feel like this is a really nice expirence. I got to learn a lot of different things that I didn’t know even born to be a Beijinger. All the activities are all fun and meaningful, we learned so much by visiting different places and hear professionals talk about various things. This is also a great time to work out a little! We walked in lots of Hutongs in Beijing. Fun! Appreciate Yuhua for organizing such a great event/program!

Visited July 2016

Local experience

by Bora S  on TripAdvisor

unique opportunity to meet some very local and exciting Beijing characters and learn about Beijing life from people who make it such a special place

Visited July 2016