An Encounter with An Ancient Temple Encounter with An Ancient Temple-2

I discovered this ancient temple in a construction site totally by accident, which is hidden in a deserted factory site. Originally built in Yuan Dynasty nearly 800 years ago, the Hong En Guan was renovated by one of Empress Dowager Cixi’s favorite eunuch as a retreat by late Qing Dynasty. In the past decades, it was used as local food market, coffee shop and a living space for more than 60 families. It is located in the end of the central axis of the ancient Beijing City, also called the “dragon tail”.


Yesterday afternoon, when I witnessed its grandeur, I can hear it sigh with helplessness in the smoke and dust of the construction site. It will be renovated soon again, hopefully with its original beauty kept. Encounter with An Ancient Temple-1 Encounter with An Ancient Temple-3


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