Hutong Adventures


Find the hidden gems that you would not get to see or experience had you not chosen the Beijing Way program. Try the most unusual drink and it might turn out to be the most tasty one for you. I would say“Those who have not tried Douzhier have not really been to Beijing”. Visit Uncle Zhu and his wife’s traditional courtyard house and have a feel of the real Beijing hutong life. Follow Yuhua closely to enter the former administrative building complex of Republic of China under the stare of the security guards at its gate, pretending you are not a visitor. Explore the underground living space showroom of a low-key Chinese top designer,built on the site of an old print factory. Embrace the traditional and the modern.


Before dusk, sneak into the former residence of a Prince mansion where Yuhua grew up and admire the best-preserved Xiulou in Beijing, before any Ayi finds us and lets us out.


How much does it cost? 600 RMB per person (2 people minimum, 6 people maximum)

How long will it take? 3.5 hours

When can I do it? Anytime, as long as you start before 1pm

Getting there: The cost does not include transportation to and from the meeting point. You can get there by taxi, take subway or get a Uber or Didi ride.

Start Point: Exit C of Zhangzizhonglu Station, Subway line 5

End Point: Exit A, Beihaibei Station, Subway Line 6

Children: Half price for Children under 6. Children under 2 free

Any other costs I should know about? Nope! (All entrance tickets and transportation fees during the program are already included in the price.)

How far in advance should I book? At least 48 hours

What to bring: An explorer attitude, and your courage and confidence

Our favourite bit: It is like a secret garden hidden from the hectic Beijing city, where you only hear cuckoos and wildcats. Have you seen kitchens in a corridor? And the shared public restroom. Let’s peek into the life of people who reside in the back garden buildings of Republic of China time.

Who is guiding the program? Yuhua will accompany you throughout the program.

What to eat? Yuhua will recommend the best local restaurants based on your individual preference, allowing you to pay for lunches as you go so that you can have whatever you feel like at the moment!


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