Let it flow

We do not intend to make any beautiful moment at the Beijing Way Experience, we are the beautiful moment. We let it flow. Enjoy the beautiful moments captured during our Beijing Way Experiences.

Get on the rooftop and touch this hundreds of years old mythical animal figurine with your hands.

Sitting together at Gandpa Li’s home like a family gathering, gaze at more than three hundred years old well-preserved ceilings.

One of the few Shigandangs remained in Beijing, a stone tablet erected at the entrance of a lane to drive away misfortune or evil spirits.

Immerse into a world of Chinese ceramics, and get touched by Uncle Qu’s spirit.

We deserve the best, don’t we? Absorb the essence of the Chinese wisdom and health, treat self a little better from small things in daily life.

Let it all flow naturally. Hope to see you at one of our Beijing Way Experiences!

Enjoy the Spring!

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