Live and Play Like a Child

This is one of the heart-touching moments captured at the Beijing Way Experience.We live and play like a child. The world is so big, with so many different faces, different places, whereas the world is also so small, we all have the same heart, a child-like heart.The intimacy between people, the most deep and soft part is kept in everyone’s heart.


A few years ago, Kai and I went to Paris and stayed overnight at my friend Matilde’s home, right next to Versailles. We walked to her apartment at dusk, it was a very old apartment, I still remember the creaking steps nowadays. We had a “Cheese banquet” at home and Matilde strongly recommended us to try all her favorite cheese. Even we were not big fan of cheese, we started to like it. We tasted wine, sang songs, played with her little boy Mael, and even talked with him with my little French. By the time we woke up the next morning, a room key was left to us and Matilde went to work already. It was one of the most beautiful memories in our life.


Another time, we visited Qinghai and got lost in a National Park. A Tibetan family offered us a place to stay. A Granny turning a prayer wheel in her hand in the bed, asked her grandson to bring a huge bason of roasted potatos to the table in front of us, and a lot of buttered tea. We sat around the bonfire and chatted the night away. If Kai had not had too much buttered tea and got a fever that night, it would have been even a more perfect night.


At the Beijing Way experience, you are not a visitor at all. You belong to here. You play and laugh like a child. You are the beautiful moment.



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